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B-engaged (ie 'biblically -engaged') is simply a passion to bring politics and the Bible together to promote good governance across the globe and thereby tackle global poverty.

Here in the UK the work of B-engaged is to bring the Bible into society and our secular culture through changing the tone and dialogue and the way so many Christians articulate their faith in the public square. B-engaged helps faith groups, churches and charities positively impact their communities through an understanding of positive relationships and engagement. It is about finding news ways to engage with our culture without losing our distinctiveness. Many others are doing similar work through Fresh Expressions, or through organisations like THEOS of course. we do not aim to replicate or duplicate this work so we do not 'exist' as a seperate project – simply as a supporting resource either through our work or as a speaker/presenter.


“After 13 years as an MP and heavily involved in the Christian Parliamentary Fellowship (now Christians in Parliament) I came to realise there was a gap between Christian parliamentarians, the Christian community that surrounds parliament and Christians in churches across the UK. After travelling across the world with the Bible Society, Tearfund, Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Interserve I realised the same thing was happening globally. But we badly need to join up our faith and its impact on the political world. “

“That is why I will be working to encourage and pray for existing Christian parliamentarians, whilst working with partners, to develop new relationships and to encourage Church involvement. I want to encourage the next generation of Christian leaders to consider serving in politics. This needs ‘the Church’ to be involved and for young people to understand that they can make a difference by serving God in this way."

“Through B-engaged I will develop relationships with existing christian parliamentarians, supporting and praying for them. B-engaged will then work with other Christian agencies to help them develop long term relationships with current and future parliamentarians. There is NO policy agenda. Nothing more than loving support for those willing to serve God through politics."

Increasingly governments, agencies and churches are understanding that global poverty will only be eradicated by good governance as well as poverty reduction programmes. B-engaged will help existing agencies maximise their impact through the development of long term relationships with parliamentarians. There will be no fixed policy agendas or lobbying. Just relationship.

I have already seen the power of the Bible in transforming lives for AIDS victims and changing hearts in government just as one example.

So B-engaged will partner with other organisations who share this passion. Already I am working with the Bible Society, Interserve and the World Evangeilcal Alliance Leadership Institute on sharing my passion and experience in countiries like China, Ethiopia, India and Nigeria.

We don't want to set up yet another 'organisation' or programme. There is plenty of duplication already in the faith sector nationally and internationally. Instead B-engaged will be see organic growth through supporting existing voluntary groups, societies and mission agencies for example. Our network will only grow as resources allow to maintain proper deep and meaningful relationships.

If you want to know more about this work or want to help please contact me directly. Over time we will increasingly be looking for prayer, resources and help in building the network of support across the world.


Andy Reed working in China with the Bible Society

I visited China in November 2003 witht a delegation from the the Bible Society after hosting a Chinese visit to the UK Parliament in 2002. During my time in Parliament I kept in close contact with the changes taking place in the country over the last decade. China will be the major part of the work I am doing with the Bible Society – scoping the way we can engage and promote Christian involvement in the Public Square. China is obviously becoming increasingly important and the number of Christians continues to grow. I will be working with the Bible Society and making sure work coordinates with other projects in the country.


I have visited Ethiopia a number of times both with Oxfam and the Bible Society. I was a member of the All Party Group on Ethiopia in Parliament. I believe the country and its people have so much to offer. I hope to be working with local partners and the Bible Society with B-engaged in Ethiopia. More details will follow as work progresses.


I have visited Kyrgyzstan several times working with young student leaders interested in developing democracy in the country. There is a great deal of political instability in this country – as we witnessed in the summer of 2010. There is still much work to be done here to secure stability and moves towards good governance. I will continue to work with Kyrgys in developing a stable government.


I have been to Palestine to visit the Bible Societies and their work in the region. As this is such an important region with global implications for peace and political stability it will remain a priority area of work for B-engaged in the future.


I have been working with and supporting various local Christian partners in Nigeria and Christian Parliamentarians. Working mainly through the Bible Society and Christian Association of Nigeria we have supported Christian MPs to meet and develop a National Prayer Breakfast – which took place in Abuja in October 2010. I will continue to supprt this work in Nigeria.


I was Secretary of the All Party Uganda Group in Parliament and visited with Tearfund in 2009 to see their water projects in the South of the country. Uganda will remain a country of interest for B-engaged.


I joined the the Bible Society of India at the launch of their celebrations for their Bicentenary in Calcutta and Dheli in 2010. I spoke at the Parliament about faith and politics. I hope to continue this work with B-engaged.

Pictures from the Visit

Kenya - Nakuru County

In November 2012 we added our work with the Nakuru Christian Leaders Platform to our work across Africa. Andy travelled with Christian Solidarity Worldwide to take part in a programme of Civic Eduction for church and community leaders across Nakuru ahead of the 2013 elections.


I joined the Board of World Vision UK in 2012 as a Trustee, with special responsibility for Advocacy and Public Affairs. Once again I have used my experience to help steer the team in the UK – but clearly I joined to make a difference around the world. My First visit with World Vision UK was to Bolivia in November 2014 and You can read the blog of my experience.

Here you can see what World Vision are doing in Bolivia and the reasons why – World Vision UK in Bolivia

Meanwhile at Home - Learning Advocacy

Whilst B-engaged works across the globe it is also pretty busy here in the UK too.

Using the experience of 20 years of engagement of faith & politics we now help Christian organisations in their interaction in the public square – Westminster, Whitehall, and the media. It is all too easy to get it wrong. Campaigning can be fun – but it is also about getting results. Through the B-engaged side of SajeImpact Andy can help organisations get the right tone and use smart methods for getting across your message.

Andy Reed Meets the Minister for Religious Affairs in Beijing China.

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