New Website for Saje Impact Coming Soon

18 Weeks and Counting

18 Weeks and Counting

I will be 55 in just 18 weeks time. For me life will be able to take another step into the next season in my life.

When this happens I am hoping to make greater use of this site for my musings on life and the world around! I have one big interview in May which might put these plans back a little bit (about 4 years) but either way there will be more time for travel and writing.

Stay tuned.


Seasons in Life - The Next one for Andy and Saje Impact

There are seasons to life I believe. Well it certainly feels like that as I start September 201Changes in 2018!8.

A number of Sport Board positions come to their natural end after several years of voluntary service - The Sport & Recreation Alliance , Special Olympic and CIMSPA . I want to thank everybody who has helped and supported me during the last 8 years since leaving Parliament (losing the election!) and welcoming me into the world of sport.

It has been another fascinating learning curve working with a sector I have passion for and trying to bring a fresh perspective and influence practise and policy. I will continue to do this but in different ways over the next 'season', mainly through The Sports Think Tank and through SAJEIMPACT LTD where I have generated a series of partnerships to bring the best people I have worked with to the sector - like David Slemen Sport:80 Services Limited . As always Loughborough University Loughborough University London will play a large part of what I do.

I will announce a few new NED positions too over the coming weeks.

I have always had a passion for my home county so I will be doing more economic growth work in Leicestershire through the LLEP too

Here is to the new season. Even if that includes retiring formally from Birstall RFC!

New Website for Saje Impact Coming Soon

Posted: Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:12

New Website for Saje Impact Coming Soon

New Website for Saje Impact Coming Soon

As the work of Saje Impact is expanding rapidly in 2017 we have taken the decision to separate out the various parts of the group & create a business specific website. This is currently under construction with one of our partners – Trigger Movement.

"As we develop the new site we probably won't be updating this one quite as often as usual so please bear with us. We have also set up a separate Sajeimpact twitter so that you can follow purely business related matters away from my rambling observations!

We will keep you updated on progress but we hope to launch in the new financial year with a series of exciting announcements about some of our expansion plans.

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