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18 Weeks and Counting

18 Weeks and Counting

I will be 55 in just 18 weeks time. For me life will be able to take another step into the next season in my life.

When this happens I am hoping to make greater use of this site for my musings on life and the world around! I have one big interview in May which might put these plans back a little bit (about 4 years) but either way there will be more time for travel and writing.

Stay tuned.


Seasons in Life - The Next one for Andy and Saje Impact

There are seasons to life I believe. Well it certainly feels like that as I start September 201Changes in 2018!8.

A number of Sport Board positions come to their natural end after several years of voluntary service - The Sport & Recreation Alliance , Special Olympic and CIMSPA . I want to thank everybody who has helped and supported me during the last 8 years since leaving Parliament (losing the election!) and welcoming me into the world of sport.

It has been another fascinating learning curve working with a sector I have passion for and trying to bring a fresh perspective and influence practise and policy. I will continue to do this but in different ways over the next 'season', mainly through The Sports Think Tank and through SAJEIMPACT LTD where I have generated a series of partnerships to bring the best people I have worked with to the sector - like David Slemen Sport:80 Services Limited . As always Loughborough University Loughborough University London will play a large part of what I do.

I will announce a few new NED positions too over the coming weeks.

I have always had a passion for my home county so I will be doing more economic growth work in Leicestershire through the LLEP too

Here is to the new season. Even if that includes retiring formally from Birstall RFC!

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Saje Impact Site Moved

Posted: Tue, 01 Aug 2017 09:04

Saje Impact Site Moved

Saje Impact Site Moved

The site for the Business Saje Impact has moved to and this site is now an archive of the first few years of the company and now the personal site for Andy Reed OBE.

"The changes came into effect during the spring of 2017 after growth in the company meant new clients were coming on board and we needed a fresh new look for the next phase of growth" Andy said

"This now allows me to separate the personal, work and other social media. This should still be a one stop shop for all my social media and personal projects, whilst Saje Impact will be far more business orientated and client facing. I hope this helps both sites be clear in what they are trying to achieve. I am grateful for Trigger Movement in helping me make the decision and create the site!

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New Partnerships Announced

Posted: Thu, 03 Nov 2016 17:21

New Partnerships Announced

New Partnerships Announced

Saje Impact is delighted to announce 2 new partnerships for 2017 as the breadth of services continues to grow.

Andy will be joining forces with leading companies in their field – Icon Training and Numbers for Good to deliver a wide range of benefits to sports bodies.

Andy said "I am delighted to be working with Icon and Numbers for Good in providing help from the leading training provider in the sector and developing Social Impact Bonds for sport through Numbers for Good.

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The Importance of Implementation

Posted: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 08:44

The Importance of Implementation

The Importance of Implementation

Sporting Future prompted a wide ranging review of sports policy. Now it's time for implementation

This is my latest column in The Sports Management magazine.

While sports fans were watching the events in Rio, many working in sports policy – myself included – were working to make sense of the details needed to deliver the government's two reports, Sporting Future and Towards An Active Nation.

When my children ask what I did between Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, I'll have to say I was doing sports policy reviews!

A flurry of detail will emerge over the coming weeks, as we see the publication of new Governance code details, as well as the volunteering strategy and the workforce strategy from CIMSPA.

And there's more – my County Sports Partnerships review landed in the summer, while the Duty of Care Review, which is being led by Tanni Grey-Thompson, will be delivered soon. In addition, the School Games review and the School Swimming Reviews will soon be with various government ministers who will be preparing to act on their recommendations.

The government is due to report to parliament on its progress in relation to actioning Sporting Futures in January 2017 – a year on from its publication.

This is likely to be at the point when most follow-on details have only just emerged and little will have changed at the coal face in sport and physical activity, however, I expect the sector to move towards acting rather than reviewing in 2017.

This year, a great deal of time and effort has gone into assessing and realigning strategies and priorities. The extent of the changes outlined in Sporting Future means many people will have been taken out of their comfort zones, but hopefully they're being forced to talk and create partnerships across and outside the sector.

According to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) the sector makes a £39bn contribution to the economy and employs over 400,000 people. So while the government and Sport England are important players, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are untouched by these changes in priorities. This particularly strikes me as I meet people who work in sport, but are not connected to the core markets we associate with our sector.

Importantly, the success of all these reviews and strategies will be measured in terms of their success in reversing the trend towards inactivity and its impact on society. It won't be measured by who's doing what and who's doing it best and who's shouting about it the most.

The tide of inactivity is so overwhelming none of us can tackle it alone. We need to work smarter in collaboration with our sector, as well as creating new partnerships outside our comfort zone, in areas such as transport, housing, health and community.

So as the details are finalised, the period of reflection and planning will end and the new strategies will breathe life into every community up and down the country, trying to get a nation active.

Andy Reed is a former MP for Loughborough and the founder of Sports Think Tank.

Follow @sportsmag for regular updates on this and other sports news.

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Reed Joins CIMSPA Board

Posted: Fri, 05 Jun 2015 16:47

Reed Joins CIMSPA Board

Reed Joins CIMSPA Board

Two senior industry professionals have been appointed to the CIMSPA board of trustees.

Andy Reed OBE, chair of the Sport & Recreation Alliance, and Nick Masson, sales director of Bigwave Media, will join CIMSPA's board with immediate effect. The appointments increase the number of trustees from eight to 10.

Appointed for the period of one year, the new board members will help the chartered institute deliver its vision of professionalising the sector's workforce.

"I'm delighted to welcome Andy and Nick to the CIMSPA board. They are both highly talented professionals and together bring a mix of skills and expertise that will make a huge contribution to our work," said Dave Stalker, chair of CIMSPA.

Awarded the OBE in 2012 for services to sport and the community, Andy was an MP for Loughborough for 13 years, serving as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Kate Hoey while she was Sports Minister. He is director of his own company SajeImpact Ltd, offering advice and consultancy to sport bodies, national governing bodies and social enterprises; and is also director of The Sports Think Tank.

As sales director of leading full service marketing agency, Bigwave Media, Nick has immense experience in the leisure industry working in both the public and private sectors. He has a reputation for growing the commercial side of business as well as focussing on service quality and delivery. He is also passionate about sport and in particular badminton. He is club chairman and head of performance at Queens Badminton club, a premier Badminton England club, and chairman of Exeter Performance Centre. Voted Male Devon Coach of the Year in 2003, Nick regularly works with top ranking players in the country.

"I am delighted to be joining CIMSPA at such an important time in its development. I hope I am able to bring some additional skills and perspective to the board and learn from my fellow trustees. I am determined our wider sector embraces the opportunity CIMSPA offers and we can promote the work to encourage growth in membership," said Andy Reed.

Nick Masson said: "I am honoured to take up the position on the board of CIMSPA and am particularly excited about the prospect of contributing to the marketing and sports elements of CIMSPA's work. It's an important time for the organisation to position itself at the heart of our fantastic industry and working with my fellow trustees I hope that I can help achieve this."


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Liverpool John Moores University Egerton Court Seminar

Posted: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 14:16

Liverpool John Moores University Egerton Court Seminar

Liverpool JMU Egerton Court Seminar

Next week Andy Reed will be giving the Egerton Court Seminar at Liverpool John Moores University in his first act as a Visiting Professor of Sport Policy and Development.

Andy will be addressing the growing recognition of physical inactivity as a key policy driver for politicians.

Titled –

"More Precious Than Gold: Why politics is waking up to the benefits of sport, and exercise sciences in sustaining healthy lifestyles"

Further details are available from LJMU and an abstract of the talk will be made available later next week.


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What do You do now?

Posted: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 17:04

What do You do now?

Introduction – flying high!

I am asked all too often "So what are you up to these days". As you can see from what I say below one of the things I do is advise on 'communication' so you would think I have a perfect elevator pitch by now – but I don't. So this blog/ article/ history is my attempt to explain about how I fill my time, make a living, fulfil my dreams and keep motivated.

Upon explaining what I do there is usually some consternation at the sheer breadth of the things I get involved in and wonder how I juggle them. Sometimes when deadlines clash I wonder too, but my argument is that my breadth of involvement is the benefit I bring to a relationship, Board or client. So here goes:

MP for Loughborough no Longer!

Clearly in 2010 I lost my Loughborough seat at the General Election. No pretending. I lost. Some people still ask if I am the MP. I am not! It makes me realise how little many people understand about the political system. I had been an MP for 13 years and campaigned in the Loughborough seat for over 20. I believe there are seasons in life and looking to go back into Parliament straight away was not an option. I needed to find some work. You walk home from the Town Hall (or leisure centre this time) unemployed. I was 45 and unemployed with no obvious job options in May 2010 with 20 years to fill before I could take my pension. I had a team of staff to make redundant and an office to close as soon as I was made redundant myself. It was a difficult few months laying people off.

My priority was to create a lifestyle as much as get a job. I still had the passion for what had driven me into politics and had not worked in a constrained 9-5 job for nearly 15 years. I needed a job or to create work that allowed me to pursue my passions with a healthy work life balance – something clearly lacking when you are an MP on 24/7 duty!

My passions in politics had been international development, tackling poverty & inequality, Sport & physical activity, wellbeing, as well as linking faith and involvement in politics.

We (Sarah & I) decided to set up Saje Impact Ltd in the summer of 2010. Fortunately in a time of need you find out where your friends are and a number of opportunities to do some consultancy style work arose fairly quickly. I started working with some groups and organisations who I had known – like working with the Bible Society and the Youth Sports Trust and well as for SportsLeaders UK and the CSPn. Much of this work was varied for each client but a pattern emerged over the years of working with CEOs and Boards to help them with their advocacy programmes and communications work predominantly in the public square. The work with the Bible Society took me to China – again looking at relationship building.

As far as the work life balance went I intended to work a four day week. This was to allow me plenty of time for doing voluntary work. I also wanted time back in Loughborough. I wanted work that not only allowed me – but encouraged me to serve on a number of Boards where my skills and interests would be useful.

Things continually evolve but this is a brief description of what life looks like in 2014.

SajeImpact has a series of 'clients', but to be honest that is not the relationship we generally have. It's a partnership.

I work with Christians in Sport (CiS) on a series of sports strands – trying to make CiS mainstream in sport whilst helping sport connect with the opportunities of being involved with CiS. Through this I also chair @engage2015 – our way of getting the Church to get excited and involved in the Rugby World Cup in 2015. This is a day a week commitment

I also work for the ASA (swimming not advertising!) for a couple of days a month helping on a retained basis with their corporate and public affairs.

In 2012 I was also approached by Loughborough University Business School to help them set up and establish an MBA in International Sports Management. We launched the programme in January 2013 and have 2 cohorts of students going through the MBA at the moment. I help teach a little, advise the staff on sports management and get alongside the students.

Until recently (Sept 2014) I was also working with Sports Leaders UK on their Public Affairs/ public engagement programme and acted as a senior Counsel to Fleishman Hillard a large PR/PA agency based in Covent Garden London – primarily on the Nike account around their Designed to Move Campaign. Although the work has changed I hope to pick this up again in 2015 and help FH build a major sports offering. I am doing a little work each month to help generate this business.

I also have some ad hoc work – for example currently helping Loughborough College bid for a Studio School to be built on the campus or working with Interserve on a Parliamentary launch.

I also do some guest lecturing, keynote speaking on mainly sport policy these days – but also on politics, faith, sport and wellbeing. These take me to conferences and Universities across the UK and in 2015 a few more abroad.

Over time it became obvious there were larger pieces of work I was being offered and other skills I required to fulfil the roles.. So in 2011 I teamed up in a Co-op/ LLP partnership with Green and Gold (G&G) where we, almost as Associates, share our capacity and skills to get involved in larger projects. There are four of us at present and I work on about 3-4 of the projects here too. Rugby Borough Council Rugby World Cup, Parliamentary World Cup (Rugby), Hinckley AFC, British Gymnastics Foundation, & Advising the WRU on the establishment of a charitable Foundation.

Some of the clients I have worked for over the last 4 years have included small charities and big brands and a full description of all my work can be seen here at

So that's the paid side of things. But much of my life is taken up by the voluntary links I have maintained and in fact have self-generated – like the Sports Think Tank (more later).

So Sport Positions first. The big time consuming role is to Chair the Sport and Recreation Alliance. This is the independent umbrella organisation for the 320 NGBs of sport, recreation and dance, from the FA, RFU to parkour, Caravan club, Guides and Ramblers. We advocate for sport and recreation to Government and provide a wide range of services to the membership. We were formally known as the CCPR. This is a voluntary 1day per week role – which normally leads to 2-3 days most weeks! There are a team of 22 people doing the work and a skills based Board to manage! Fun but time consuming and all encompassing.

Other sports – I still Chair the Leicestershire CSP at Sport Park in Loughborough – being the partnership body for sport in the City & County. This could be full time, but I have a great team of people and Director who run this and I do mainly networking and ambassadorial roles. I am proud of our sport in Leicestershire – from the professional premiership clubs through to junior amateur volunteers.

I sit on the Board of the Special Olympics GB as well as the Basketball League Foundation. I sat recently on the Leicester City Sport Partnership Trust too – but this was disbanded by the Mayor in 2014.

I helped set up and now run the Richard Engelgardt Trust – a fund set up to look after a Birstall RFC player who broke his neck in a training game in 2011.

Of course I still play rugby for Birstall RFC where I started playing in the 1980s as a teenager from Stonehill School. I have been Club President for 10 years when I was an MP and still play for the 2nds. I don't hold any other positions currently – just player & Hon Vice President.

Through Rugby I now sit voluntarily on Area 4 RFU Legacy Group under the Chair Peter Wheeler, mainly based at Tigers. I have taken a lead here on making sure we spend and plan our legacy commitments to create a sustainable pathway for players & impactful legacy.

In Rugby I have been assisting the School of Hard Knocks on a pro bono basis to help raise the profile of the charity arm.

I still play (when I can) for the House of Commons Rugby Union and Rugby League teams in charity games.

In view of my sporting activity I was honoured to have been awarded and OBE in the 2012 Queens Honours.

In 2014 I have been made a Professor of sport policy and development at John Moore's Liverpool University after I gave a keynote talk there in 2013.

In 2011 I teamed up with Nick King, from the Conservative Party, to set up the Sports Think Tank. We exist to promote good evidence based policy making for the sports sector. We know our way around sports policy making and can help organisations and academics as well as policy makers to access the evidence!

As well as the formal clients through SajeImpact I am often asked to help small start-up sports companies including web based initiatives.

Faith Sector.

In the Faith 'sector' I have maintained my links with the Bible Society and Theos. I did some work for the BS in China for a couple of years and still stay close. I remained a member of the Evangelical Alliance Council until September 2014. I remain on the Council of Reference for Interserve (where I also do some ad hoc work) and Christian Solidarity Worldwide (where I travelled to Kenya in 2012) doing democracy building work. I am a patron of Bless – the work of Gerard Kelly and on the Board of Sports Chaplaincy UK.

I sit on the Board of World Vision UK – the leading International development Charity. One of the biggest globally & the Biggest Children's Charity.

I am a member of Christians on the Left (formally Christian Socialist Movement) – but don't have time to do as much as I would like here.

I do ad hoc work/ speaking engagements on Christians in politics/ advocacy work for organisations like Tearfund, and some major denominations. I have also helped projects small charities like Home for Good and Micah Challenge.

Until recently we worshipped at St Mary's Church in Sileby but in 2014 we felt a calling to worship at Open Heaven Loughborough. Time will tell why and what we do here.

I am asked to be a patron and advocate or Board member on a fairly regular basis. At present I regard the current portfolio to be the maximum I can honestly work with, although I always find it hard to say no. I just need to make sure I am earning enough of a living to make it possible to do the voluntary work.

Home – on top of this of course is that desire to get a work life balance so as a family we try to do as much as possible. Kids at 15 and 12 mean lots of events, school music, sports and friends. And of course we need to find time to volunteer ourselves for local groups. Sarah does Brownies and I fit in where I can through the LRS to do sports events and talks to local churches, sports groups, chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs!


It may seem a ridiculous list of things I do and having written it down it seems more daunting than it seems in real life. Most of this is enjoyable so it doesn't seem like work.

We set up Saje Impact to continue to fight for the things I am passionate about and why I keep going – sport, physical inactivity, poverty, international development and wellbeing.

So what are my skills – what do I actually 'do'

I believe I am a relational person – inquisitive about the world around me with a passion to make the world a better place for everybody so that they can fulfil their human potential. I get the impression that my enthusiasm, passion and positive approach rub off on people and I am able to carry them with me.

I have experience of Chairing Boards and leading organisations through developmental change – constantly modernising and challenging to ensure we have agile and relevant organisations. I am a positive team player – happy to support a Chair in other organisations and lead on policy & advocacy. I apply the Business skills acquired through the Loughborough MBA programme to my situations – constantly checking & challenging to improve effectiveness in sectors that traditionally are not agile enough.

People come to me with sport related business ideas – I get alongside them and mentor. Usually there isn't enough money to pay me but I like to take a little risk and take some equity. I have about 3-4 business I support in this way at the moment.

I have spent 20 years involved in front line politics at a national level as well as in the faith and sports sector. I know how things work and how to work with and communicate to policy makers, and MPs. I can communicate to a wide range of audiences directly or through the media. This is either individually or in large set piece settings keynote talks or academic lectures!

My specialist knowledge areas are in sports policy and the changing emphasis on health and wellbeing and physical activity. However, I do understand the power of the Treasury and having sat on 3 Finance Acts how this works! I was a member of the Treasury Team as a PPS for 3 years. I also have knowledge of other departments and the principles of engaging with them. I take a long term view with clients to take them on a journey of engagement not quick win 'campaigns' (although I can help/ advise on these too)

Through my various work – and having established the Sports Think Tank – I am able to give a view on the evidence base for changes and policy drivers in sport and physical activity.

I am still a member of the Labour Party and the Co-operative Party although clearly not as active as I used to be! I have 'friends' across all sides in the House of Commons & Lords – even amongst the newer MPs who were elected in 2010.

As a former MP I am still in contact with former colleagues through PLP in Exile and the Association of Former MPs, as well as still playing sport or engaging in the Christians in Parliament Group.

So that's just about it at the moment. I keep having a coffee with lots of different people so that by the middle of 2015 I will have agreed to another whole series of events, initiatives & businesses! Life is a rollercoaster and I wouldn't want it any other way!


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National #FitnessDay

Posted: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 09:47

National #FitnessDay

This morning I will be doing my bit to back National #FitnessDay because generally of course I think fitness and activity are great!

Perhaps today is not the day to pour any cold water on the initaitive, it might be best left for a later analysis, but I have always had my doubts about national days/ weeks. I guess it was during my time as an MP that I was aware it seemed every day was a national day/ awareness day for several causes and they all got rather lost.

In sports circles I have seen some days work – and many others flop. My fear is that putting up some bunting and a big Open Day sign outside a club or facility that people have not visited for the other 364 days of the year isn't going to attract them. It is too much of the Open the doors and they will come syndrome I see it too much of our world.

On one level I don't think we can avoid doing them. Indeed there will hopefully some evidence to show the impact we have. Or at least with my Sports Think Tank perspective I REALLY hope we have evidence to show it works.

Quite rightly I was reminded today that sometimes we are allowed just to have fun and I totally agree. I will go and do my hour of activity today and have fun. But it won't have changed my behaviour, so as long as we know we all just having fun and we don't mind all the time effort and cost we have put in being just about fun then I can easily live with that. My worry comes if we make bigger claims for the day – that we start counting all the hours of fun as something more dramatic.

Again I was reminded that Comic and Sport Relief started in small ways and built into something bigger. But these and many other successful projects were not first and foremost selling a message about fitness, activity or sport. Indeed I would argue that much of their success is because they are sold as something else with running a mile, or walking for cancer as the by-product. we need to learn from these motivations. Today #fitnessday is competing with MacMillan Coffee morning. I don't think Starbucks will be 'claiming the nation' because more coffee is drunk today. We need to be careful about what we claim. I would love to know the stats of who gets involved today and how many are genuinely new and where they are from. That's the slight geek in me!

This is not to pour cold water on anything that gets people more active but we have to be much smarter in the sport, fitness and physical activity world and design things that motivate the non-active, those who don't love sport like those of us heavily involved and designing these days. What we might think of as fun as really an horrific prospect for the least inactive – fearful of making themselves look foolish.

This is much of the challenge I push back into our sector and I am looking forward to sharing some of these challenges in Oxfordshire CSP this week as part of the series of keynote talks I give. We need to constantly evaluate and learn about the people and the behaviours we are trying to shift.

I have even noticed at events at Sport Park that is is the usual core of people who get involved. Fun days dominated by the same core and many of the staff left out.

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ESDN Conference 2014

Posted: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 15:34

ESDN Conference 2014

The University of Wolverhampton is delighted to be hosting the fifth annual European Sport Development Network(ESDN) conference. The one-day conference will take place in the heart of England, at the Performance Hub on the Walsall Campus.

Date: Tuesday 9 September 2014

Opportunity through sport

We are delighted that Ruth Holdaway, CEO of the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation, has agreed to provide the keynote address for ESDN2014. Ruth will provide an engaging interpretation of our conference theme, opportunity through sport, and will speak about the ways in which sport policy can influence the active experiences of women in sport.

We are also excited to host a panel discussion as part of the day, led by Andy Reed (Chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance), entitled 'A sporting manifesto for 2015'.

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All Party Physical Activity Commission - Time for Proper Collaboration

Posted: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 08:46

I was pleased to be able to present oral evidence to the All Party Physical Activity Commission yesterday in Parliament. As usual I sat in the room with a variety of hats but all these lead to the same conclusion – we need to get the evidence for this inactivity epidemic understood in Westminster and for coordinated action to start right now. I have been fortunate that our work here at SajeImpact with Fleishman Hillard and our Nike account means I have been central to the establishment and running of the Commission. Although I represented the Sport and Recreation Alliance viewpoint yesterday it was good to bring in all the work we have been doing at the Sports Think Tank to look at the evidence base for many of the assertions made in the Sport and physical activity world.

I won't run through all the evidence I wanted to get across yesterday although I will be posting the notes of the main points I wanted to make.

However, there are a few key ideas and messages which I now feel will concentrate my campaigning work over the coming years.

There is now enough evidence to make the case. We really don't need lots more – we just need people to understand the size and scale of the problem and be willing to expend some political capital getting seriously involved. This is not as easy as it sounds. Evan as a champion for sport and physical activity in my 13 years as an MP I also had a marginal constituency with 70,000 voters to look after as well as hundreds of other serious major issues to tackle including global poverty & a war in Iraq for example. It is hard for sport and PA campaigners to understand why politicians don't talk about inactivity every day sometimes. This is why!

Our sport, recreation and physical activity landscape is not totally joined up and speaking with one voice. Indeed I have found it intresting wathcing the various groups and bodies at the evidence sessions wanting to promote their particular veiwpoints and solutions. We ask politicians to get out of their silos and then come and present silo solutions – magic bullet programmes and single sector solutions. I tried hard to make the point yesterday that none of us have THE solutions. There has been 50 years of creating an environment of inactivity. The factors have been wide and varied that have led to these changes and not all are government policy led. Societal changes like technology and social media are outside of the day to day control of politicians. Quite rightly some organisations get very excited by what they are doing especailly when it has some success. And yes we should learn from that but not expect everything to be instantly scaleable or the 'answer' to this epidemic. The solution lies in lots of marginal gains and turning the direction of travel for society.

So although I was there 'representing' some of the sector around sport, recreation dance and movement I made it clear we don't have the answers for everybody and neither do any of the other players. Our population of 65 million needs segmenting into a wide variety of markets. Even if we doubled our playing numbers from 8-9 million to say 20 million it still leaves some 45 million people not doing sport and recreation regularly yet they still need to be 'moving' for 150 mins a week. For my part I feel the need to continue to campaign for our collective sport, recreation, dance, physical activity sector to mature into a proper alliance of common interest and to reduce and remove the turf wars I watch on a daily basis. That's what has been so liberating about getting behind the Designed to Move banner – the authors want it to be picked up and used and not all credit to flow back to them. This is so refreshing.

That is where my energy will now be put. Rationalising and pointing out the need for greater collaborative leadership in the sector and the ending of duplication and the 'sharp elbows'. I see it daily and feel the need to start saying openly what we all know to be true. After watching Life of Brian again with the family again during half term I thought of the sports landscape when the factionalism of the Judean Popular Front v Peoples' Front of Judea etc was hilariously portrayed. All too familiar in my sport, political and church life. Splitters!

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So What is it you do now....?

Posted: Thu, 02 Jan 2014 16:30

So What is it you do now....?

It will soon be 4 years since I lost the election in Loughborough after 13 years as the MP for the area. Yet the most asked question I still get when I see people is – what is it you do now?

I guess you would call it a portfolio lifestyle in the jargon. That is a I don't have single proper job/ vocation. Instead I have created a lifestyle choice business/ volunteering role.

Basically I wanted to carry on some of the policy and lifestyle issues for which I had a passion for in Parliament – and fill my life with these until I retire in 15+ years time!

So I combine a series of voluntary roles on boards and charities with some paid work through SajeImpact with a number of clients which you can see on the what we do tab on this site.

These areas are sports policy, thinking, planning and writing. It includes working for some major sports brands and some small charities. It means the Sports Think Tank I helped establish and the voluntary role as Chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

On top of this I still carry in much of the work I did with the Christians in Parliament group around engagement in the public square both at home and across the globe in places like Nigeria, Ethiopia, China and Kenya!

I also support a number of faith charities – Sports chaplaincy, Bless, Evangelical Alliance with my time.

Finally the reason I got into politics all those years ago was through International Development and global poverty issues. I now serve on the Board of World Vision UK to help keep alive my passion for transforming lives through tackling child poverty.

So with a passion for sport, global poverty and tackling inequality and injustice I have a wide portfolio of interests that help me help others change the world!

But what about going back into parliament? There are certainly no plans to do that. I feel I made a contribution through 20 years of front line political activity. I think I can find other avenues to pursue my passion for tacking the inequality, injustice and poverty caused by global capitalism without the constraints. I can campaign on issues of greatest interest to me.

I hope you may be a little clearer – I know it's all a little confusing.

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