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18 Weeks and Counting

18 Weeks and Counting

I will be 55 in just 18 weeks time. For me life will be able to take another step into the next season in my life.

When this happens I am hoping to make greater use of this site for my musings on life and the world around! I have one big interview in May which might put these plans back a little bit (about 4 years) but either way there will be more time for travel and writing.

Stay tuned.


Seasons in Life - The Next one for Andy and Saje Impact

There are seasons to life I believe. Well it certainly feels like that as I start September 201Changes in 2018!8.

A number of Sport Board positions come to their natural end after several years of voluntary service - The Sport & Recreation Alliance , Special Olympic and CIMSPA . I want to thank everybody who has helped and supported me during the last 8 years since leaving Parliament (losing the election!) and welcoming me into the world of sport.

It has been another fascinating learning curve working with a sector I have passion for and trying to bring a fresh perspective and influence practise and policy. I will continue to do this but in different ways over the next 'season', mainly through The Sports Think Tank and through SAJEIMPACT LTD where I have generated a series of partnerships to bring the best people I have worked with to the sector - like David Slemen Sport:80 Services Limited . As always Loughborough University Loughborough University London will play a large part of what I do.

I will announce a few new NED positions too over the coming weeks.

I have always had a passion for my home county so I will be doing more economic growth work in Leicestershire through the LLEP too

Here is to the new season. Even if that includes retiring formally from Birstall RFC!

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New Clients and Projects Added for 2015

Posted: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 10:26

New Clients and Projects Added for 2015

SajeImpact are delighted to announce their latest partnerships as the work in sport and physical activity advocacy continues to grow.

Our new clients include OpenPlay, Pitchero, EPpartners and LondonSport .

Our Clients and Projects are Listed here.

Andy Reed said "It is great that our core work to increase physical activity and sports participation is increasingly growing with a wider suite of interventions across the country. From the role in Liverpool, to work at Loughborough and a growing presence in London. I believe by harnessing the innovative thinking that we can bring to the table is making a lasting difference."

"Our technology partnerships with OpenPlay, Pitchero and LondonSport are about making technology work for the consumer and increasing their ability to participate and encouraging them to do more"

"We believe that our sector needs to be innovative – using the latest technology as well as 'well-led' and that's why we are pleased to be working with David Slemen at EPPartners too."

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Coming up for SajeImpact in 2015

Posted: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 16:43

Coming up for SajeImpact in 2015

Coming up in 2015

This is not quite the New Year Message I used to put out as an MP, but more of a prequel to what will be happening at SajeImpact in 2015 – or what we hope will be happening!

For those who follow the tweets, facebook or my Linkedin it can be a confusing mix of sport, faith & politics. I make no apologies for that and this is one of the reasons SajeImpact exists – to allow me to pursue those passions and to make a real impact in the world. So the things below will take a greater portion of my time next year but this does not mean everything will be dominated by these all year round, it ill just be that these are prioritised.

So we will be spending time on the Rugby World Cup, the sport and physical activity agenda, the general election – both from the sport & Physical activity agenda as well as obviously taking a great interest in the outcome of the May 7th General Election and an end to the coalition.

The Year Ahead

There will be a series of themes running throughout the year – and certainly a year that will be domintaed a little by the Rugby World Cup in September and October and a great deal of the time in the build-up to the tournament. I will be tied up in rugby legitimtaley for once- through engage2015, through sportrectweets, through SajeImpact, through G&G with our work in Rugby BC and through my voluntary role on the Area Legacy Group Board. I will be writing about the role of engage2015 for a number of articles in the coming weeks so will be posting more details here.

The General Election is of course something that will dominate our year. It is the first time in 30 years that I will not be involved in an election campaign. Instead I am handing over the reigns in Loughborough to Mathew O'Callaghan our Labour PPC. I will blog in more detail about this decision and my support for Mathew.

My increasing interest in the physical activity agenda stretches to a greater understanding of future trends and their impact on people as 'consumers and participants' and especially in the use of technology and innovation. Again, lots more will be added to the site this year as well as to our micro site

New this year will be a bit more time backing Sarah and awarness rasing for ME – and following Sarahatsaje is a must for anybody interested.

Of course we have some new clients too in 2015 – again based on much of where our priorities above take us! We will blog and update the site with more details on each of these early in the new year.

So please follow me on twitter andyjreed_obe or over at facebook or find me on Linkedin. From the website you can also link to my Tumblr or Instagram!

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SajeImpact Christmas Holidays

Posted: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 11:47

SajeImpact Christmas Holidays

SajeImpact Christmas Holidays

The office for SajeImpact will be formally closed from Tuesday 23rd December after lunch until Monday 5th January 2015.

However, as clients know we are never fully 'closed' so any emergencies will be dealt with 'on the day' as usual.

We wish all our friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Bolivia and World Vision

Posted: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 11:32

Bolivia and World Vision

Bolivia and World Vision

Over the next week or so I will be visiting world Vision Projects in Bolivia to see for myself what difference we are making to improve the lives of so many vulnerable children in that country.

Hopefully – technology allowing I will be doing a mini blog here on Tumblr of my experiences, thoughts and reflections.

Having joined the Board in 2012 I have been taking a lead as a Trustee on advocacy and whilst this is a really important element of our work – what happens to change the lives of 4 million children is really what I want to witness and affirm.

This is part of the wider work of SajeImpact – and our B-engaged project work. If you are interested in supporting our ongoing work in these areas please feel free to be in touch. As always we appreciate the support of others to help us carry out this work.

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Exciting Time for SajeImpact in 2014

Posted: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 12:04

Exciting Time for SajeImpact in 2014

As always I end the year promising to have a clean up of the clutter I gather over the year. The Christmas/New Year holiday becomes my very early spring clean at home and in the office

This year was no exception – files and cupboards tidied. Email folders and systems all tidied up and created. I also try to look over the jobs and volunteer roles I have picked up along the way and to see if I can can still commit the time and presence to make it fair to the charity or organisation. So as usual I decided I would need to let go of a few projects I has picked up over the years. It doesn't mean I no longer support the cause and will always still try to help where and when I can but it is unfair if I hold a position that somebody far better plaved can add a lot more.

I didn't quite get to do this but instead have been delighted to add a wider portfolio to the work here at sajeImpact by increasing our partnership work. So look out over the next few weeks for the formal announcement of our growth through the partnership with G&G (Green & Gold) and a variety of 'associates'.

I have also agreed to work more closely with my friends Ikram and Jug with BARA (British Asian Rugby Association) in their 10th anniversary year. Having played and worked with them and some of their international friends over the years I am determined to grow the game in the Asian community and to make sure the game I love welcomes everybody who wants to play!

I have also recommitted to putting sport, recreation health and fitness at the top of what we do in 2014 – it is a crucial time and even though it puts pressure on some of the voluntary work on good governance through some of my faith work I am delighted that by working with Christians in Sport I can maintain a strong link to 'The Church' in a more specialist area. I will continue to serve and be fully committed to World Vision UK and supporting some work with Gerard kelly, EA, CSW, Interserve, Bible Society and WEA as well as Tearfund, Christians on the Left, etc to keep at the forefront of my life the campaign for social justice across the globe. It is where I started in politics and where I hope to stay forever. Increasingly post parliamentary life I feel liberated to tackling capitalism as the cause of injustice in a much broader way than the constraints of not being allowed to say anything too controversial! now nobody is listening so it doesn't matter as much.

So for all those I have been working with in 2013 – I am looking to more in 2014. But for those I have not met yet – I am still excited about where those 'random' meetings and shared visions will take us.

So at sajeImpact we will be working to make the world a more just & compassionate place using our interests in good governance, delivering poverty reduction and using sport engagement to achieve some of this on top of political and policy changes.

Influence an influencer and they will influence the many. Acts 18:8

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So What is it you do now....?

Posted: Thu, 02 Jan 2014 16:30

So What is it you do now....?

It will soon be 4 years since I lost the election in Loughborough after 13 years as the MP for the area. Yet the most asked question I still get when I see people is – what is it you do now?

I guess you would call it a portfolio lifestyle in the jargon. That is a I don't have single proper job/ vocation. Instead I have created a lifestyle choice business/ volunteering role.

Basically I wanted to carry on some of the policy and lifestyle issues for which I had a passion for in Parliament – and fill my life with these until I retire in 15+ years time!

So I combine a series of voluntary roles on boards and charities with some paid work through SajeImpact with a number of clients which you can see on the what we do tab on this site.

These areas are sports policy, thinking, planning and writing. It includes working for some major sports brands and some small charities. It means the Sports Think Tank I helped establish and the voluntary role as Chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

On top of this I still carry in much of the work I did with the Christians in Parliament group around engagement in the public square both at home and across the globe in places like Nigeria, Ethiopia, China and Kenya!

I also support a number of faith charities – Sports chaplaincy, Bless, Evangelical Alliance with my time.

Finally the reason I got into politics all those years ago was through International Development and global poverty issues. I now serve on the Board of World Vision UK to help keep alive my passion for transforming lives through tackling child poverty.

So with a passion for sport, global poverty and tackling inequality and injustice I have a wide portfolio of interests that help me help others change the world!

But what about going back into parliament? There are certainly no plans to do that. I feel I made a contribution through 20 years of front line political activity. I think I can find other avenues to pursue my passion for tacking the inequality, injustice and poverty caused by global capitalism without the constraints. I can campaign on issues of greatest interest to me.

I hope you may be a little clearer – I know it's all a little confusing.

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Reflecting on 2013 - Just January!

Posted: Sat, 28 Dec 2013 13:01

Reflecting on 2013 - Just January!

I am sure it is a sign of growing older but the years just seem to fly by quicker every year. I am not sure where 2013 went. I guess after such a long wait for the 2012 Olympics moving on was always going to be a difficult anti climax. I am not sure there was a single stand out moment that compares to 2012 but it was certainly an eventful time and a great year of refreshing starts on a number of fronts here at SajeImpact.

Here are a few of the highlights of just last January!

January saw us starting work with Christians in Sport on the Olympic Legacy for the Church and staring to think about making engage2015 a reality. The journey has been really interesting but this is a 10 year embedding of sport & physical activity into the life of the Church and for the Church to be able to help sport and recreation deliver to communities across the country. Even at the end of year one there are lots of conversations happening but a long way to go!

January also saw us start with Fleishman Hillard with our first full week in Feb 2013. This interrupted our Half term break with a pitch to Nike to work on their Designed to Move Campaign which we won and now work a day a week with them on this great initiative. Great fun as the the issue of physical activity is certainly rising in the political agenda at last. Ironically I had been blogging about the American campaign during early January so it was meant to be!

We also helped launch the first official intake for the International Sports management MBA at Loughborough University. I can't believe so much has been packed into 12 months with this as we had our second intake in October so it feels a lot longer ago. A great group of students who I hope will be lifelong friends.

After the week on the MBA we launched the SRA research into disability sport which caused a media frenzy and I spent most of the weekend on the BBC news, radio etc. The research findings weren't universally welcomed, but we have to tell the full story and not to spin all was well post Olympics.

Of course we also saw the first of the snow and we had great fun in the County again. Just enough for fun without being a disaster. I know that wasn't the same for everybody! Trips to London meant lots of delays and frustration.

I spent some time with Rory Palmer talking on Community engagement at Loughborough CLP and Chairing the Leicestershire CSP Board. I did say it was time to think about moving on in 2013 – but that didn't happen and I am still very proud of John and the LRS team. I also then joined the Leicester City Sports Trust Board too!

I took my annual trip to the Boat Show to support the RYA. I always think I will get on the water again after the visit but it hasn't happened in 2013 either.

Politically the 'austerity coalition' continued to stigmatise welfare and public expenditure in general. Cameron also gave his big Europe speech – the one to stop the rise of UKIP and all things Europe dominating his premiership. That went well then didn't it!

We started campaigning for a proper debate about the UK Sport no compromise approach to 2016 of course Lance Armstrong made his public plea for redemption after his Oprah confession.

I started to take a greater interest in the need to publicise the Rugby League World Cup coming in the autumn after the Parliamentary Rugby League dinner at the Commons in mid January – and glad I did as the event was great (even if England did lose to NZ in the last 20 secs at Wembley)

The merger of Sport England and Uk Sport was finally rejected and the hunt for the replacements for Sue Campbell and Richard Lewis started.

Through World Vision UK we backed the start of the IF campaign. It will be interesting to see if it had any lasting impact. The big poverty campaignsseems harder to get cut through these days. By the end of 2013 I was starting to realise how hard it is to run a major charity.!

The snow and floods certainly kept us on our toes – A picture from Tea Tim Ben!

An the month ended with a nice piece of work trying to help the WRU. not bad for an England fan – but all for the good of the game of rugby!

So a good start to the year and delighted that it carried on in the same vein – lots of chasing around, being busy and hopefully making a few things better.

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Burnout Britain & Managing Relationships - wellbeing is OK!

Posted: Sun, 08 Dec 2013 14:30

Burnout Britain & Managing Relationships - wellbeing is OK!

In an excellent article in the New Stateman this week Steven Poole highlights the drive towards productivity in all aspects of our lives can be damaging.

Here at SajeImpact we believe the same. Whilst we are able to offer advice on 'managing stakeholder relationships' we only do so in an authentic manner. We believe the world works on the basis of relationships and we want people to find time for these – not to turn the concept into another artificial science.

"I have one friend who claims to have identified managing relationships as their core business. They teach about to mKe relationships more productive. The irony is the individual is well known for only being in receive mode. I have not heard from them for ages and I know when I am next contacted it will be cause they want something"

Here at Sajeimpact we try to explain that we can develop authentic relationships with no agenda. It just may be in life that a trusted friend or colleague may be helpful at some stage or it is equally true that you may be helpful to them!

We believe in the lessons from the Richard Foster Book The freedom of Simplicity – that having an outlook on life in which success is not personally driven and a simple life is more satisfying. We are big into the concept of wellbeing rather than material gain for success or pleasure. We do belive in stillness being a good thing – not time or space to be filled with productivity.

There is much more to life than being ever more productive and busyness being the latest status symbol. Hopefully we can retreat from our headlong obsession with this direction of travel for our society. Let us grab back the time to be relational human beings

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SajeImpact with G&G Add new Clients

Posted: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 13:40

We are delighted to announce new clients Swimming & Judo as our partnership with G&G continues to flourish. We have also secured a major sponsorship role in the PRWC2015. More details will follow on the SajeImpact page.

Andy said "This is great news. We are really looking forward to working with Swimming and Judo as well as our new stream of sponsorship & activation work with the Parliamentary Rugby World Cup in England in 2015.

"We still remain a cost effective 'boutique service' for this market and work closely with our clients. This mix is a very exciting prospect as we continue to look at further partnerships to grow.

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