SajeImpact - What we do

"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes."

About SajeImpact

Saje Impact offers a wide variety of bespoke support and advice to Sports Bodies, NGBs, Social Enterprises and Faith Charities.

The combination of the work we do allows us to serve others either locally or nationally where both Sarah and Andy involve themselves in numerous projects, as you can see below.

"We make sure that your strategies and communications are effective in engaging with the key stakeholders in your sector " Andy said "Saje Impact offers a unique and individually tailored service – making sure your work and your brand are recognised and trusted by those who matter. We offer practical advice about project development and delivery."

We offer a wide network and strong interconnectivity to bring your projects to life. It is not always possible to know what we will do as we tailor our services to the needs of your organisation. Our services are bespoke to your circumstances. We do not offer standard packages. We listen to what you need to achieve and create solutions. If we can help we will let you know how.

"After years of being on the receiving end of traditional 'lobbying' as an MP I decided I needed to recreate 'authenticity' and developing ongoing lasting relationships with important stakeholders – not one-off connections. We build long-term relationships to enable meaningful communication and familiarity for your organisation and trust in what you are trying to achieve. We work across numerous sectors and projects so we bring this vast experience to your work.

Our main focus remains in sport, faith, international development, and delivering for the most disadvantaged communities across the UK and world. We use the partnership working undertaken in many voluntary capacities to bring people and projects together.

Saje Impact will only work with a small number of organisations and charities to ensure the authenticity of our work. We work where there is mutual understanding and shared objectives – as a partnership.

Our Clients - Who We Work With

These are details of some of the work that SajeImpact has undertaken since 2010. There are many more voluntary areas where we work and details can be found here on the website. Hopefully it gives you a flavour of what we can do for you..

Loughborough University - Institute for Sport Business

I have worked with Loughborough University School of Business and Economics to design and deliver an MBA in International Sports Management. I have been part of the delivery of the course using the knowledge gained in sports policy development for the last 15 years in Whitehall and now through SajeImpact.

Internationally renowned for sporting achievement and a leader in sports technology and research, Loughborough University is also home to numerous sports organisations and bodies, making it the ideal place to study International Sports Management.

As a University we have now developed a campus in London on the site of the Olympic Park. I will be joining the team at the Olympic Park and assisting with programmes around the Institute for Sport Business.


I am working with the Senior Management team at British Swimming/ASA advising across a wide range of national policy initiatives and stakeholder management issues in the sector & offering strategic Public Affairs advice.

EP Partners

I act as a senior Counsel to EP Partners as a Non-Exec Director

EPpartners Website

Elite Performance Partners provides specialist global recruitment services to progressive sporting organisations.
Our goal is to place the necessary expertise and talent to deliver your high performance objectives
Elite Performance Partners provides a unique service for sporting organisations to acquire, develop and nurture the specialist talent that is essential to their success.
We lead senior level searches to ensure our clients have the very best teams and infrastructure focusing on both off field performance and corporate functions.
Our approach of combining a rigorous, proven search process with first hand experience of elite sport enables us to recognise world-class talent in the global market and
secure it.

Physical Activity & Public Health Research Group

Saje Impact are supporting the 'PAPHRG' in their enterprise work, connecting their excellent academic, research and technical skill and facilities into the sports and physical activity sector.

Too often the evidence base for interventions is weak and PAPHRG can help sports, NGBs and delivery agents. Simultaneously too often the latest evidence and research is not shred widely enough to practitioners. All too often I learn of duplication in the sector. By utilising and the Sports Think Tank we also hope we can ensure the two are working together more often!

Sporting Equals

We support Sporting Equals on their public affairs PR, fundraising and commercial activities.

Sporting Equals exists to actively promote greater involvement by all communities that are disengaged especially the black and minority ethnic population in sport and physical activity. We are the primary driver and funding channel for national and regional programmes in this field.


Working with London Sport we are bringing innovative ideas to life across the capital to increase sport participation and physical activity levels. We manage the introduction of new interventions and links to the evidence to use what works to best effect. Constantly on the search for new ideas and the latest thinking. We aim to help being a disruptor using technology and innovation to increase physical activity levels in London. We also assist in ensuring political stakeholder support for the work of London Sports objectives.

Christians in Sport & @engage2015

I work with CiS to facilitate partnerships with church denominations and para-church organisations to provide sports mission resources to churches keen to continue their engagement with sport – a demand that increased after the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

I also work within 'sport' to help them understand the resource that sits in the 40,000 churches in the UK and for both to understand each other a lot better!

I Chair "Engage 2015" the Church response to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England in the autumn of 2015.

We want to see more people playing sport and being physically active and Churches can play their part!

Sports and Play Construction Assc (SAPCA)

We provide strategic support to SAPCA in their external affairs with government and the sports landscape to make a positive contribution to sports and play construction across the UK.

Icon Training

We are working with award winning Icon Training to help them in the sport and physical activity sector.

Who are Icon

"Our aim is to motivate and energise by strengthening learner employability, raising aspirations and building confidence.

Self-belief is at the core of what we do and we share that belief across our organisation, with our learners and with our employers. We believe that given the right support and guidance, people can achieve many great things. Through every step of the journey, our tutors provide skilled guidance, working with our learners' commitment and determination. With the help and support offered by our master trainers, our learners can leap every hurdle that comes their way.

ICON is a company that helps our learners gain new skills and knowledge, improving work-based performance and employer objectives"

Scunthorpe FC Stadium Development

We work with Scunthorpe Utd Football Club on their new stadium development plans – to integrate the community and NHS into the new facility. We are supporting local stakeholder engagement in the development working with the owner of the club.

Coach Annie Z Foundation

We are working in partnership with Green and Gold with award winning football coach Annie Zaidi to manage her and her Foundation.

The winner of the 2015 Sky Sports HELEN Rollason award Annie Zaidi is increasingly a role model for the BAME community in her role as a football coach.

Numbers for Good

We are working with Numbers for Good on the campaign for a Social Impact Fund and the establishment of a Social Impact Bond for the sport and physical activity sector.


We are supporting TriClub to help triathletes improve their enjoyment of the sport through training days, weekends and camps. We helped establish the company and offer strategic advice about the sector and market.

Sports Innovation Start-Ups

We have been supporting a series of small sport start-ups over the last few years and want to help more. Creating an idea is simple but executing this into a sound business in the sports sector can be tough. But we can help.

Why not submit your outline business idea to us and we will look to see how we can support you.

Form Submission for your Business idea


We worked with Pitchero to secure and increase the usage of their product in the NGB club market space. We aim to help by introducing new and innovative services and increasing the use of the insight that can be gained by the data created by the sites!

Pitchero Website

Liverpool John Moores University

I have been appointed as a Professor at Liverpool John Moores University (adjunct professor) where I will be assisting the development the policy engagement plans for the School of Sport and Exercise Science. Specifically I will be assisting with sports provision and curriculum development as well as business development of their key research strengths in sport and working on various bespoke projects.


I am an affiliate of Dissident which is a marketing communications consultancy which believes that success starts with the unorthodox: an insight, idea or initiative that challenges the conventional and delivers exceptional results.

Founded by award-winning advertising and communications experts Martin Thomas and James Thellusson – and supported by a wide network of fellow dissidents – the consultancy helps leaders in management, marketing and communications devise and deliver smarter strategic solutions, breakthrough marketing campaigns and more effective training programmes.

Dissident also helps organisations anticipate and protect themselves and their brands from the risks posed by dissident ideas and movements.

It is rigorous in its approach, agnostic about discipline and channel but passionate about insights, ideas and outcomes.

Leiecester Tigers Foundation

We are offering a wide range of practical advice and support to the work of the Leicester Tigers Foundation.

The Foundation utilises the power of the Leicester Tigers brand to deliver programmes encouraging physical activity, health, education and wellbeing with over one million hours of coaching and positive support each and every year.


OpenPlay is a unique sports marketplace to connect sports facilities to individuals. You can easily find, book or list your sports facilities. We are working with the team to get this into the market place as quickly as we can. This offers a simple solution to online bookings for open spaces, open tennis courts and other sports facilities.

We offer support and advice to OpenPlay as it grows and offers solutions to increasing use of facilities for local authorities, schools, communities and health services.

Mentoring & Coaching

We have increasingly been asked for 'coaching' and mentoring across a wide range of disciplines, from sport to parliamentary candidates. We love doing this work and are happy to sit down and discover if it will work for us both. Get in touch.

The Bible Society

I have worked with the Bible Society on their plans for Bible Advocacy in China. I have been visiting China and developing the relationship between the TSPM/CCC, China partnership and the Chinese Government SARA department. We are developing further projects to build on existing relationships and have helped the Bible Society in other areas of national policy and in other countries across the world.

Sports Leaders

I worked with Sports Leaders UK on their Key Stakeholder engagement programme and Public Affairs.

Sports Leaders UK awards and qualifications use the medium of sport to help people to learn to lead. They learn the essential skills of leadership: communication, organisation and motivation, but in addition to this they grow in confidence and self belief. The personal journeys that people undertake whilst learning to lead, stand them in good stead for their future careers and life itself. It is a great story and this needs to be told time and time again in their sector.

Nike - Designed to Move

Working for Fleishman Hillard as senior counsel I worked on the engagement programme for the Designed to Move campaign inside parliament – launching, awareness raising and the establishment of the Physical Activity Commission in 2014

Sports Innovation

Sports Innovation Website

We have established a service to advise sports about embracing innovation – helping them understand the changing world around them. Quite rightly sport is passionate about delivering sports opportunities and doesn't always have the time or opportunity to horizon scan and get ahead of the trends.

We offer bespoke training, thinking and insight into innovation – technology, media, apps, or just thinking differently about delivery. Capturing best practise around the world we can help you think differently about the way you operate. We have a number of partnerships across the sport, health & physical activity spectrum so can offer future planning, advice and bespoke projects to use innovation to grow participation and utilise resources. We will update the mico site with details.

The Sports Innovation Micro site.

Fleishman Hillard

In 2013 we started working in partnership with Fleishman Hillard which allowed us to develop much larger projects and to have the backing and support of one of the world's most renowned PR & PA agencies. I am working on number of existing clients and on ad hoc projects.

I acted as senior Counsel for the Nike campaign – Designed to Move.

Other projects included clients – WSFF, Sports Aid, Sports Coach UK and SportsLeaders UK

Learn more about Fleishman Hillard here:


We worked through our partnership with Fleishman Hillard to offer interim Public Affairs support to the WSFF. In view of our commitment to the issues promoted by the WSFF we are particularly pleased to be involved with this project.

British Judo

Alongside our partner 'Green & Gold' we worked with British Judo look at improving the work and opportunities for their Trust as well as looking at helping them with their Public Affairs role.

We are also developing some new initiatives and proposals for future programmes.

Asian Sports Foundation

We provide strategic support and advice to the Asian Sports Foundation as they plan to grow their plans and activities.

Their mission:

The Asian Sports Foundation is a UK not-for-profit national governing organisation. Asian Sports Foundation's leaders have a history of campaigning for equality and inclusion for Asian communities in sport, and have delivered tangible projects which break down cultural and religious barriers and provide sporting benefits to a much underrepresented minority ethnic community. ASF's leaders are prominent Asians in Sport and business.


We worked with COMPASS to deliver their strategic objectives and their stakeholder management programme. We offered strategic policy advice and assisted in identifying opportunities for the Board to engage at the right level in the sports landscape.


We worked with the LTA on Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations – bringing their PA programme to life internally and offering strategic advice across their impact measurements.

Home for Good

Launched in September 2014 as a formal charity we have been supporting Home for Good for some time in an informal capacity. We offer some support in public affairs and connection with MPs and Lords who are supportive of this initiative. As somebody who was adopted I am keen to see the Church take this issue more seriously.

Welsh Rugby Union

We worked jointly with Green & Gold on this project to deliver a time specific project looking at their strategic direction in community and partnership work and the development of a proposition to create and a new delivery vehicle.

County Sport Partnership Network

I have worked with the County Sport Partnership Network on their key stakeholder engagement and policy development process with government and other key agencies in the sector. We worked with the CSPn at a crucial time in their development. Our work was time critical and vital to the future of the network.

School of Hard Knocks Charity #SOHK

After a short term one-off piece of Public Affairs assistance for SOHK we are offering Public Affairs assistance and a long lasting relationship to help this great charity using the power of rugby to change lives.

School of Hard Knocks Charity website


As well as being on the Council of Reference for Interserve I assist the charity through its connectivity with Parliament, and politicians. Interserve has a unique ministry in parts of the world and wants to share its experience with parliament. I assist with strategic planning and messaging as well as organising events and briefings for aspiring MPs too.

Rugby BC - Rugby World Cup 2015

In partnership with Green and Gold we are working with Rugby Borough Council to deliver their Rugby World Cup 2015 experience for the town. Clearly as the home of the game of rugby in World Cup year the town has a great opportunity to make the most of the tournament being in England. We will deliver a sponsorship programme as activate the brand of rugby as well as developing a long term tourist and economic boost.

Hinckley AFC

In partnership with G&G we are assisting newly formed Hinckley AFC with their commercial strategy. More news as the club develops.

Humphrey Perkins School - Sport Project

Loughborough College

We have contributed to the marketing of the Loughborough College School Sport Apprenticeship Scheme – promoting this to a targeted group of those most likely to deliver the programme across the country. We help on bespoke Sports Related projects for the College as it grows its increasingly impressive sports offer.

World Evangelical Alliance

I have worked with the World Evangelical Alliance and the EA in the UK on engagement in the public square and dealing with front line politics. I have always had a passion to help Christians to engage positively in the public square and for politicians to understand Christian engagement.

I also joined WEA on their engagement programme with China and will continue to work in China over the next few years when possible.

Kick London

Andy worked with "Kick London" - a Christian based charity which transforms lives through sport. Andy worked on a model to grow the project and find ways to replicate the work across the country.

You can find out more about the project at Kick London. If you are interested in Sports Ministry work please contact Andy direct.

YST / TOP Foundation- 2012 International Inspiration

I worked with the YST & TOP Foundation on their 2012 International Inspiration programme and looking at further development of the international aspect of the YSTs work. I managed a transformation project for international work within YST

YST Website

International Inspiration is the result of the promise made in 2005 to use the London 2012 Games to reach young people around the world and connect them to the inspirational power of the Games so they are inspired to choose sport. It aims to provide high-quality physical education, sport and play opportunities to children and young people around the world and is delivered by UK Sport, UNICEF and the British Council. The aim is to reach 12 million children in 20 counties by 2012. International Inspiration is already changing the lives of young people in 13 countries – Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Jordan, India, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Palau, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey and Zambia.

Sports Coach UK

I have been assisting SportsCoach UK with stakeholder engagement - including a launch at the House of Commons and presenting at their Coaching Summit in Belfast in 2011 and London 2012.

Rugby Football Union & Foundation

I supported the RFU Foundation in the early stages of the All Schools Plan – the programme to get rugby played across the state school sector & an integral part of the 2015 RWC legacy. Obviously we were delighted when this initiative became a key element of the 2015 RWC legacy programme.

I also supported the RFU in their public affairs function for a time and now assist on the Area 4 Legacy Group for 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Sports Think Tank

Director Andy Reed is one of the co-Founders of the Sports Think Tank - We will be working to develop the web site and the policy areas the think tank covers. The idea of the Think Tank is to allow for sports policy to be developed properly and based on the best available evidence.

Our Joint Partnership with Green & Gold

We are delighted to announce that we are working more formally with Green & Gold in a new co-operative venture.

Bringing together the skills of our two organisations will give our potential clients much more scope in what we can deliver. I have worked with fellow Directors Sally Pettipher in her previous role in the All School Plan at the Rugby Foundation and Boris Pomroy whilst at Comic Relief

This is a great opportunity to work on many more projects and have even greater impact.

Green and Gold website

SajeImpact Charity

As you would expect from a company based on Christian Values we place an emphasis on our giving and charitable work. SajeImpact "Charities Aid Foundation Account" makes contributions to charitable work at home and abroad.

We decide annually what our priorities will be for the year. In 2012-13 we continue to support poverty reduction internationally and in our local community.

Whilst we are already committed to a large number of charities that we have supported for a number of years we are sometimes willing to consider new initiatives. Just contact us if you have a unique project to change people's lives. We may consider it during our annual review.

Our Supported Projects

As well as our formal Charity Foundation we also have supported a number of sports programmes.

In 2012 we sponsored the Tuilagi Skills Academy to visit schools in my 'old Loughborough' constituency to put rugby at the heart of their sports programmes.

In 2013 we sponsored St Bartholomew's School netball team.

In the 2013/14 season we are the Main Club Sponsors for Birstall RFC

We do not have a big sponsorship budget but we do know that just a small amount of funding can give a great boost to some teams.

Why SajeImpact?

As you can imagine we are often asked about the name!

'SAJE' – stands for Sarah, Andy James & Emily – the 4 Reeds!

Impact is our way of suggesting that is the measure of our success – to make a positive 'Impact' on the people and the world around us.

Andy said: "One of the sayings I keep close to my heart is the Gandhi phrase about 'being the change you want to see in the world.' This seemed an ideal way to combine my lifestyle and the work I wanted to continue after 13 years as the MP for Loughborough. It was important to keep family at the forefront of a new working pattern and to remain an ethical company impacting on the world. Our priorities are to eradicate poverty and improve well being using my passion for sport, faith and political engagement through good governance for transforming lives locally and globally. Fortunately the portfolio of work and my outside interests allow me to hopefully make a positive impact on the world around me.We believe all these things can change lives for the better"

In my life that is the measure of my personal success – that I have made a contribution to transforming our communities for the better. It drove my ambition as an MP and now drives me as our 'business/ministry' passion.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients over the last few years on a wide range of services. From the large sport brands to the smallest Sports and development charities. We choose who we want to work with because we believe in the 'cause'.

  • Sports Think Tank
    Green and Gold
    Vote Andy Reed (Archive)
    Loughborough University
  • ciS
  • World Vision UK
  • Sporting Equals
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